Veteran’s program

The Train a Dog Save a Warrior  (TADSAW)

The Train a Dog Save a Warrior (TADSAW)

Program serves the veteran, the family and the community, by providing the warrior with a K-9 rescue ‘Battle Buddy’ and the training and tools needed to become an accredited TADSAW Warrior/Service Dog Team.

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Is the leader of Service Dog Providers in the area of diversity, striving to mirror the demographics of Our Veteran population with disabilities with accredited Service Dog Teams throughout the United States.The TADSAW program teaches the SKILL of Service Dog Handling to Our Veterans:Service Dog Training represents therapy in the “HERE & NOW“!!! VersusTraditional counseling the therapy in the “THEN & WAS“!!!!!

TADSAW combines the disciplines of Occupational, Physical, Psychotherapeutic and Spiritual therapy* in a single program designed to re-connect and heal the Veteran over a period of time with the training of a canine Battle Buddy.


Occupational – on job training for a new and different skill
Physical – real time and hands on training, work and experiences
Psychotherapeutic – replacing and/or reducing pharmaceuticals with a holistic approach to intervention
Spiritual – unconditional and nonjudgmental intervention by another party establishing the canine-human bond.

The program lasts from 15-25 weeks to train the veteran and dog team. The first phase is focused on the skills needed to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizenship course, which is the benchmark standard in obedience for therapy dog work. During the second phase, time is spent socializing the team in dog friendly public places. When the trainer is confident the team is progressing sufficiently, the in-training Public Access work, in areas where only Service Dogs are allowed, begins. The team will graduate and become accredited by TADSAW when the Public Access Temperament Test is given and the team passes.

For information or application, contact

Program Director Bart Sherwood
(210) 643-2901[email protected]