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Training Programs for Police Dogs and Their Handlers

Training Programs for Police Dogs and Their Handlers

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Valley K9 Detection Service is a corporation in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV), specializing in explosives detection, narcotics detection, and patrol training. At Valley K9 Detection Service, canines will be trained to alert to the odor of explosives, narcotics, and/or human scent. Detection-trained canines will be trained to alert passively and patrol-trained canines will be trained to subdue a subject on command.


Upon completion of training

The canine teams must pass a certification with a score of no less than 90%. They are independently tested and certified by Valley K9 Detection Service to ensure they are of the highest standards in order to perform their duties. After the completion of certification, the canine's proficiency is kept current with bi-weekly training sessions with Valley K9 Detection Service keeping them at maximum performance levels.

Valley K9 Detection Service recognizes the present danger of our border region and keeping our cities safe and would be honored to assist any law enforcement agencies in strengthening their K9 section.

It is the goal of Valley K9 Detection Service to provide services to the Police Department (PD) K9 team/section at the most efficient cost possible.

  • Conduct an objective assessment and evaluation of its K9 section
  • Formulate a training curriculum
  • Begin by building a strong training foundation into the dogs and handlers
  • Train in both controlled environments and realistic environments
  • Practical exercises are conducted to ensure team cohesion
  • A written and practical exam administered to the K9 officer
  • Bi-weekly training sessions
  • Maintain K9 sections records
  • Available for training and assistance, 24 hours a day
  • Training is tailored to the Department’s needs
  • Research update on laws regarding
  • Available to attend court to support the Department and the K9 team
  • Train with other Valley K9 clients to network
  • If in the RGV area: Officers do not have to travel out of RGV for training, saving the Department travel money.

The services that Valley K9 Detection Service offers are:

  • Consulting with administrators who are interested in beginning a K9 Program.
  • Scouting for potential dogs for Police K9.
  • K9 training in detection.
  • Officer training in K9 handling with a comprehensive curriculum.
  • Bi-weekly training sessions to ensure that K9 teams are at maximum performance levels.
  • Yearly certification.
  • Maintain the K9 team’s detailed performance records.

Note: All services and specialized services can be customized to the PD’s specific needs.

It is recommended to continue maintenance training to stay abreast of new techniques intelligence and maintaining the dogs at their maximum levels.

The price at Valley K9 Detection Service can range depending on the specialized training of the officer and the dog. However, customized packages are available with discount prices.

  1. Single-Purpose K9….. Must contact
  2. Dual-Purpose K9……. Must contact

Note: Price Includes Officers Basic Training and Certification.